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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 6, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> we begin with meteorologist patel with what's going on right now. >> it's coming down right now. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. the winds are howling. as you look at the live doppler 7 hd, i will take you to places where we are getting heavy rain at this hour. in the east bay down to street level, san ramon, around 680. heavy rain pockets of heavy rain from the peninsula to the south bay. it is going to be a rough ride across san mateo, redwood city. if you are taking off to run errands, hold off. up to the north, the rain is starting to ease up a bit. this has been a slow moving storm, slow to move southward. as you look at the wider picture, there's plenty of moisture off the coastline here. taking a look at a live picture from the cam where it is raining, the wind is going. wind advisory is up until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. the wind gusts, at this hour
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still pretty gusty. 43 miles an hour at half-moon bay. 41 in navato and 31 miles per hour in napa. i'll be back with a look at the rainfall totals and the next storm that will aif he could your weekend plans. >> thank you very much. this is how it looked and sounded in downtown santa rosa. a downpour turned the streets into rivers at noon. look at this. people had a hard time holding on to umbrellas. the gutters could not keep up with the rain. it stilled over on to the streets. wayne freedman is live with more on the effects in the north bay. there's been a lot of rain so far, wayne, but not too many problems, right? >> that's true dan. a lot of rain in places. an hour ago here we saw the heaviest rain all day. big winds, big rain. it seems to have subsided behind us. the evening commute.
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we warned you. here it is. >> you can call it a slam dunk for rain drops, anyway. welcome to ground zero for arrival of the pineapple express. they warned us to expect a torrent, run for your lives. instead, we received plain steady rainfall. >> yeah, we are surviving. >> that's the observation from courtney. rain fell hard enough to cause a power outage and closed the salmon creek middle school. >> it's par for the course here. >> reporter: really? >> yeah we live out here in the sticks. sometimes you lose power. it makes for an interesting day. >> reporter: it was a privy one. this region has gone more than a month without rainfall. the familiar puddles back again. the rivers that they expected to flood remained friendly. as for the roads we traveled a
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lot of miles dodging trees, dodging slickness. let us pause at one of several accidents on river road. a big rig skidded, leaked diesel feel that led to a clean up and traffic jam. tow truck driver has been there and done this many times before. >> on a day like this, you are averaging, big trucks averaging three to four. small cars, i think the number is up around 25 accidents so far. >> reporter: already? >> yeah. >> reporter: in sonoma county? >> around the county yeah. >> reporter: what's a normal day? >> one or two. >> reporter: that's fair warning, it is wintertime, but wintertime in a drought. the streets and roads are slick. it is dangerous out there. live wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> i saw a lot of wrecks today. >> thanks very much.
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the winds knocked down a huge tree earlier today. it took down power lines in the process. you can see right there, what a mess. the road is expected to reopen in a few hours. they are still working on the power as well. wind gusts across the south bay caused multiple power outages caused by tree limbs blowing over. a small branch landed on the pole. that knocked out power to hundreds of customers for less than an hour. >> we heard a loud sound a buzzing sound that went from here to the other side. all of a sudden they looked at the radar. >> a eucalyptus tree was uprooted by the wind. nobody was hurt. public crews worked to take care of it. >> i heard a noise. i saw this and a puppy in the back. thankfully, she's okay. >> boy, a mess for drivers in
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alamo after a branch came crashing down on top of cars in a parking lot. firefighters were able to clean up the debris in an hour. it was a good sized branch. in san francisco, a large downed tree is causing traffic issues as well. it fell on power lines. 2:30 today, next to crocker amazon playground. it's not the only tree causing problems. we have team coverage, live from the richmond police station. >> reporter: hey dan. it was business as usual at the richmond district police department until that big tree landed against the building. those inside the police department said it felt like an earthquake or possibly lightning. i tell you, today, we have seen a lot of saws. some residents on crescent avenue were without power after this tree knocked out several power lines. pg & e crews responded.
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no one was hurt. crews began cutting the tree once they were sure there were no live wires. the heavy winds caused a branch from a eucalyptus tree to fall. not far away this fallen tree stopped traffic. as of late afternoon, up to a dozen trees and large limbs that have come down. there have been no injuries reported so far. some vehicles have been damaged. there's a tree that came down on the cable car tracks on high street. we sent crews out there right away. >> reporter: after 1:45 one fell on the richmond police building. no word on whether the roof was damaged. >> doesn't look particularly bad. we'll know after they get the tree out of there. at this point, we are still under normal operations. >> reporter: crews from the department of public works are expected to respond to more
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emergencies as the storm continues to make its way through the bay area. that's what they have been doing right now cutting that tree bit by bit and it seems that apparently there has been no damage to that roof. again, that's something they have to assess right after they finish cutting down the tree. i don't know about you guys, but the problem today wasn't it wasn't raining that much, but it was raining sideways. just a lot of wind here. i'm live in the richmond district abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. the storm is taking out a lot of trees near redding. one tree sliced a home in half. another crashed into a house. a third tree fell in front of a home taking power lines with it, then a fourth tree all but obliterated this red truck. >> you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7 hd anytime with the abc 7 weather app.
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it's free in the app store or google play. well, our rain had no impact on the drought. california did get federal financial help to deal with the situation. governor brown and the u.s. secretary of the interior announced a $50 million drought aid package. the money goes to farmers and programs to help the state conserve water. the governor says the state really needs help. >> it's very contentious. farmers say they are fighting fish. environment lists are fighting forces. >> governor brown says he does not want to start mandatory restrictions restrictions. he wants californians to hear the warnings and work together to conserve. just ahead, the worry about the measles. >> your child without up-to-date vaccinations could be excluded. >> new aim at anti-vaccine
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only at! la quinta! i have been away, off the air and off social media for ten days on a special assignment to afghanistan to interview the new president of afghanistan. i traveled with the san rafael nonprofit, and founder. we had to keep it a secret for our own personal safety. i had a one-on-one exclusive
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interview with the president during the first four months of his presidency. he has many strong ties to the bay area. i'll tell you about that more in upcoming stories. he had a private meeting prior to my interview. it was incredible. this is normal you have to put your body armor on get in a vehicle and have your go bag in case of trouble. thank you. we had to blow the face of our security team to make sure they are safe after we leave. we'll keep you updated on social media. follow me on facebook and twitter. the first story is going to air next week. >> i cannot wait to see the reports. security is a huge concern. >> major concern. >> you were trapped from home. >> the company gave me an app on my phone saying they were able to monitor everywhere i went.
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they could monitor my e-mail. it felt good to be connected to home. >> we are going to continue to track you like that now that you are back. >> thanks. >> it starts next week? >> next week. >> thanks. police officers who shot and killed a burglary suspect will not face criminal charges. they announced that today after concluding the investigation of the shooting. the 52-year-old was shot on willow place november 11 of last year. police were investigating reports of the burglary before they saw him. he pulled a gun from his pants before being shot. in san francisco parents of unvaccinated children are being notified about the policy for handling a measles outbreak. a number of confirmed cases jumped from 99 to 103. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson has more. >> they want parnlt parents to
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know if a case of measles is found, your student stays home 21 days. >> a lightning rod issue. >> i don't think we should mandate vaccinations ever. >> criminal negligence when they don't vaccinate their kids. >> reporter: yesterday many of them received this robo call. >> if you do not have proof of immunizations on file and there is a case of measles at your child's school, your child will have to stay home from school up to throe weeks. >> reporter: to be clear no reported cases in san francisco county. this is a pre-emptive policy they home they don't have to enforce. >> we are trying to make sure parents really understand what the repercussions would be if there were a case of measles at their child's school. >> that would be extremely hard to deal with 21 days, staying home. >> reporter: district
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spokeswoman says a copy of this letter urging parents to vaccinate their children will be sent out. if health care access is the hurdle the department of public health donated measles vaccinations. >> we'll be offering them at school sites. >> this doctor helps parents file personal belief exemptions. >> every child getting vaccinated puts them at risk of immune disease and allergies. >> she agrees with the new policy. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. mountainview's intu it has topped because of a jump in bogus filing. no security breach. thieves are stealing personal information from someone else somewhere else and using turbotax to file fraudulent
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returns. the company says there have not been issues with returns. mark zuckerberg is giving $75 million to a san francisco hospital. it's the largest amount ever given to a public hospital in the united states. the grant will help them with their acute care and trauma center with state of the art technology. his wife is a doctor that trained at general. if all the rain doesn't keep you inside there's a new app that might coax you outside for an unexpected adventure. we took a walk through san francisco history with an app called detour. >> look down at the sidewalk and find the square with jack's name on it. >> i have been asked to walk the streets with the poets. >> to the left the studio. >> i saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness. >> he never had a smartphone but someone else does.
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>> i founded groupon and ran it until 2013. >> this app is like groupon. >> getting us out into the world. >> long before there were murals on these walls, the street looked like what you see above. laundry hanging. >> using a mix of actors and neighborhood natives this is one of six audio tours you can take. their guided by gps so it feels like realtime. your phones stay in perfect sync. >> if one of you pause it pauses for the entire group. you can have a conversation as you go. >> it's part walking tour part radio play and part video game. starting a new one could take three months. they note tiny details before writing a script.
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>> a picture of the golden gate is fictitious. >> a lot of testing. i have walked up and down this alley hundreds of times. >> it could be london and paris a new travel guide. >> like you have a knowledgeable friend with you guiding you through a day in his life. >> in san francisco jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. it's been a miserable day for anyone working outside. the rain didn't stop these construction guys from laying down rebar. >> we are trying to stabilize the hillside prevent the potential for future slides. >> construction workers say today's rain is not enough to be a problem or the rain forecast for sunday. meteorologist sandhya patel joins us now with the forecast. >> it has to help a little. >> absolutely. any rain we can get will help. i have never been so happy to
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see rain. it is creating a messy commute. when you look at what's happening now on the radar, some of the heaviest returns in the east bay from antioch to san ramon, heavy returns. hayward reporting heavy rainfall as we take you down here to street level. you will notice around hayward boulevard, huntwood avenue seeing heavy rain. really it's shifting as we take a look here. peninsula, south bay, heavy returns. up in the north bay, the rain is lightening up a little bit for the time being. chain controls on 80, 50, 88. if you are traveling there, pack your patience. it is windy. tahoe is reporting light snow. the last 24 hours with this storm, we picked up close to two inches in santa rosa. about 3.5 in st. helena.
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.23 in oakland. more than seven inches of rain so far with storm number one. itis not threw yet. temperatures mild, 50s and 60s. the camera is shaking. it's still windy out there. peak wind gusts, 70 miles per hour at mount diablo today. sfo, 52. by the way, delays at sfo continue at almost three hours due to the wind and weather. storm reports, yeah, we have seen wind reports. over 50 reports and reports of flash flooding. the wind is going to continue and the rain is going to cause problems. wind gusts tonight, 7:00 p.m. 45 to 55 miles per hour. at 11:00 they come down but still over 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts at the coast. they lighten up tomorrow morning. wet and windy tonight. showers taper tomorrow. there's more rain and wind coming sunday with the second
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storm. here is the pacific satellite picture. this is the storm we are watching. really, there's a secondary wave coming in. we will see waves of wind and rain tonight. scattered showers for saturday. here is the sunday storm. that is going to create heavy rainfall as well. 11:00 p.m., on saturday you will see scattered showers approaching. sunday morning storm comes in between 7:00 and 10:00. the highest intensity of rain. pockets of moderate rain around noontime. 3:00 p.m. could be a chance of thunderstorms developing. scattered showers for the monday morning commute. midday is when it will wind down. we'll be talking about couple inches of rain. sierra a winter weather advisory. up to a foot at the higher elevations. gusty winds, expect travel delays and chain requirements. the snow levels will be rising. morning, 50s tomorrow. afternoon is going to be mild,
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in the 60s. just carry your umbrella. a few spots in the 50s. the seven day forecast sunday is the day you are going to see the chance of thunder showers linger. then dry and mild. saturday might be okay. sunday, not so okay. take your ponchos. >> thanks. >> appreciate it. if you would like to see beautiful orchids today is your day. that's next. >> i'm drew tuma taking a look at the weather where you live. the abc 7 news crews are showing tons of photos of the weather out there. we want to see what you are bulldog: what's this? mattress discounters presidents day sale ending? but mattress discounters has the largest selection
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this colorful painting was sold for $300 million. that's the most paid for a single work of art.
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a museum acquired the precious work depicting two women in a sun drenched meadow. that's a lot of money to spend. >> well, it's beautiful. and it's friday. michael is here. >> you want a free trip to ta hee tee hee tahiti? >> yeah. >> there's a travel convention going on. it's the travel and adventure show. you are going to receive one free ticket to the fifth annual show. it's the largest travel show in the united states. the sights, sounds and cuisine that goes along with travel and tourism. over 1500 travel experts there. why would you pay that? that would be ridiculous? >> we'll give you a free ticket. okay, the pacific orchid
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expo decision is taking place soon in february. it is, again, the largest orchid show in the united states. you have a free ticket for friday, february 20th. there are tours potting demonstrations, seminar. it's the 63rd annual pacific orchid exposition. we are going to get you in for free. >> fabulous. i have been there many years it's wonderful. >> 800-546-7177. anytime you can log on to the flower woman in charge of their florist the way -- she just told me this any way. the way to water orchids, two ice cubes. that keeps them alive forever. >> thank you michael.
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a bay area activist who dedicated 30 years to saving greyhounds is turning overseas. the i-team takes us inside a shocking case of animal abuse that inspired her movement. that's an abc 7 news at 11:00. at 6:00 we have a prep school in a scandal tonight. teachers tell the abc 7 news i-team the principal has been showing nude photos. we'll follow up on the investigation at 6:00. a cold case investigation that's tormented police for more than a decade. complete coverage on the northern california weather
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system that produced this lightning storm today. that's coming up in a half hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> see you then, thanks. today's downpour did not keep hundreds of people from standing in the rain to get a different kind of pour. >> some camped outside the russian river brewing company last night to try the limited edition of beer. >> it was available on tap at the santa rosa restaurant. they sell it two weeks out of the year to guarantee freshness. >> i's iconic. we are thinking it's going to be special above that. >> wow. >> a guy watd eight hours. >> it produces 200 kegs of the younger beer. >> the last time to try it this year will be february 19th. stand in line then. >> maybe not. world news tonight is coming up next. >> for all of us, we appreciate
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your time. it's still raining out there. we'll update that for you at 6:00. >> h on this friday night, breaking news on two fronts. the young american woman being held hostage by isis. what they now say has happened to her, and who they blame. brian ross standing by. also tonight, the massive pileups, and the major snow storm that could last for days. in the west, floods, damaging winds. we're on the scene. and the major new development in the plane crash. what the pilots did, investigators say a tragic mistake. and the nba star, and what he said about this female ref. the outrage tonight. and a quiz for you. the american that stunned everyone this week. and the giant surprise, our camera right there. who is our person of the week?


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